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I want to ensure my application is correct what should I check for?

From 1st July all passport applications must show that the equine has been microchipped by a vet. If your equine has been implanted with a chip previously a vet will still need to verify this on the application form.

It is no longer a legal requirement for a silhouette to be completed in full although we do recommend this (not everyone has access to a microchip scanner and some organisations will need a silhouette completed for you to compete).

The vet must draw an M on the neck where the chip is implanted and any hot or freeze brands that might be present. If the vet draws more features we will check that:

1. They have recorded all whorls (circular change of hair direction like the "crown" on a person's head) and feathering (linear change of hair direction like a person's parting).

2. White drawn on the legs has been drawn from three views (left, right and back). If it is not drawn because it is not visible then this needs to be stated.

3. There are a minimum of five good features including at least one whorl.

4. Grey, roan and appaloosa horses have not been hatched completely in red ink - only areas of white hair where the skin underneath is a different colour to the rest of the body should be marked.

In addition we will be checking that:

The horse does not already have a passport - it is an offence to apply for a second passport for your horse other than a Duplicate or Replacement passport.

The form has been signed and dated by the owner and the vet. The vet also has to stamped the form clearly with his/her practice details.

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