Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Silhouettes
  2. Prescribing Veterinary Medicines
  1. How Do Passports Work?
  2. Buying A Horse?
About The Passport
  1. How much does an Identity Passport cost?
  2. What does an Identity passport look like?
  3. Does the passport show breeding or the breeder?
  4. Year of Foal on passport.
Completing The Application
  1. I want to ensure my application is correct what should I check for?
  2. Do I need a veterinary surgeon to complete my passport application form?
  3. I have a donkey/mule. Can I get a passport from the Horse Passport Agency?
The Passport Issuing Process
  1. How long does it take to process a passport application?
  2. My cheque has been cashed, but I have not received any information or my passport.
  3. My application form has been sent back, why?
  4. I have not received my passport.
Updating Existing Passports
  1. Can I Make Amendments On The Passport Myself?
  2. What shall I do if I buy a horse with a Horse Passport Agency passport?
  3. Can my horse's age be altered on its passport?
  4. What do I do if I change address?
  5. Can I change the name of my horse?
  6. If I sell my horse, can its new owner change the declaration?
  7. My Horse has Died
  8. I have lost my horse's passport. What do I do now?
The Legislation
  1. What is the penalty for not having a passport?
  2. I am the permanent keeper of a horse for example "On Loan" am I responsible for obtaining the passport?
  3. Who enforces the requirements for horse passports?
  4. What is the purpose of the Medication Pages on the passport?
  5. I would like to know more about the legal requirements for passports.